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Studio Dionne’s dance and music classes in Atlanta are noted in the community for their joyful atmosphere and positive, respectful approach. Highly trained, accomplished artists as well as the total amateur and all those who fall in the continuum in between have found a home at Studio Dionne. Our teachers place first and foremost their desire to share their joy of dance and music. Through inspired instruction and a true desire for the student to improve and accomplish, our teachers give to each student the personal attention required for professional dance and music training.

Our program offering Children’s Classes focuses on the development of the entire child: physical, emotional and social.

We have become known for our Adult Classes through the establishment of a curriculum that serves the absolute beginner as well as the returning dancer. This curriculum has proven its effectiveness.

Our Adult programs offer dance classes in Ballet, Jazz, Horton Techniqe Modern, Dunham Technique, Capoeira, Tap and Body Conditioning offering the opportunity to become fit, learn and have fun every day at Studio Dionne. For adults we also offer voice, piano, guitar and violin in a program designed for the adult beginner and more advanced music students.

Our Children’s program offers dance classes in Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Creative Dance, Modern, Tap and Capoeira. Children’s music lessons include private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin and cello. Our teachers have found great fulfillment watching their young students apply the excellent life skills attained by a dance and music education as they develop into young adults.